Empty Containers In the Refrigerator, Why?

I was looking in the refrigerator to fix breakfast, and I found the container of salsa below. For added effect, the photo is upside down, as was the salsa container. (Must add–it’s NOT because my husband was drunk and eating salsa and chips. He was perfectly sober last night, and I found it this morning):


I don’t understand why this was in the refrigerator. It’s empty. It’s dirty. The garbage can is right beside the refrigerator. In fact, putting it in the trash would have been EASIER, because then no need to even open a fridge door, just throw in trash.

Questions to guys: I just had a suspicion that this is not accidental. After so many reminders, why would he keep doing it? I am thinking there may be some type of thrill involved with this “empty things back in the fridge” thing. This HAS to be intentional, or at least serve some purpose. It just has to. These guesses may be way off, but let’s consider them a place to start. Could it be that:

1) When you insist on putting empty things in the fridge, it involves some type of trick you are playing? Kind of like: “I’m going to play a trick on people and make them think there’s salsa in here! They’ll never know the container is empty! hahahah!” ???

2) Putting empty things in the fridge stem from feelings of rebellion? I’m saying thoughts along the lines of: “I will show that biotch girlfriend of mine who’s in charge. I’ll put this d&^%# empty salsa container upside down in the fridge. That’ll show her to try to boss ME around.”

Anything of this nature? Sorry, if I seem really off target, it’s because I truly don’t get it. But I’m kind of interested in learning.

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  1. Logic of men as explained by LazyHusby…

    1) You found the empty container so it means that I was not the last person.

    2) You found the empty salsa container so you go and get another.

    3) Its obviously empty (cuz it upside down) so go and get another.

    PS. I found this website by accident and couldn’t resists but explain to the opposite sex the Ways of Men because it would be nice to get the same straight answer from women on the Ways of Women.

  2. Hi LazyHusby,

    I do thank you for this attempt to explain the container. I especially like #3–you’re right, I hadn’t considered that if it’s upside down, it’s obviously empty. So I take it that this was kind of a special signal–one to let me know that the container was empty.

    I noticed that you repeated the phrase “so go get another” more than once. Could you mean that the container is placed back into the fridge to serve as a reminder that we (or in my husband’s case, I) need to buy more salsa?

    Got it. I am still not quite connecting with your response, but trying hard, and grateful nevertheless.

    –Holly Kay

  3. You understood my response perfectly. Your husband leaves the empty container there because he wants you to see it. There is no doubt about that.

    The reason why he does that and why its upside down is a lot simpler that you give him credit for. He may be clever with the manner in which he gives you hints and with his passive-aggressive persuasions but the motives are the same – he wants you to do it.

    Regardless if whether it’s grocery shopping, vacuuming, doing laundry, washing dishes, or cooking (things that most men dislike doing), he wants you to do them. Especially when these things urgently need to be done.

    By putting the empty salsa container upside down, he gives emphasis on the matter that the salsa is gone, and that he wants more salsa and quick (but he doesn’t want to go to the supermarket).

  4. Forgot to mention that you can easily see through the container when its upside down. Reduce your maturity; say to that of a 6 or 8 year old; and his reasoning will become clear.

  5. This has been extremely informative, Lazy Husby. I’m awfully glad I posted these inquiries. I have truly learned a lot today.

    –Holly Kay

  6. I’m single and in my thirties and the women in my life (mom/girlfriend) constantly ask about this.

    My general reason is that I hate having to take out the trash when it isn’t full simply because it smells, Food containers always have a little bit of food left in them and when the get taken out of the fridge the food will start to break down.

    The best example is that of a milk carton. I can always tell if I have thrown one away as you can smell a bit of spoiled milk wafting up from the trash. It’s easier to just leave the carton in the fridge till I clean it out and take down all the garbage from the fridge right then and there.

    It’s not like it is a problem in the fridge. (this may have something to do with the fact that my fridge is always pretty empty – another disincentive to throw things away, whenever I throw away everything empty or expired – I end up with an unnaturally empty fridge)

  7. My favorite is the 14 drops of milk in the (NOT EMPTY, YET STRANGELY NOT ACTUALLY USEFUL) carton. Because then you would have to drink another mouthful, rinse the carton and put it in recycling.

    Michael’s theory about the trash smelling does have some validity -maybe he could get a refrigerated trash can. Our just take the trash out for the love of Pete. If your fridge looks empty get some of that display food – it will be just as edible as the empty containers.

  8. I asked my (now ex) husband why he put empty containers in the fridge, and he explained that it was his way of letting me know I needed to put that item on the shopping list. Because, you see, he wouldn’t remember to tell me we were out of salsa, but if I found the empty container, then I would know.

    This would have made some guy-world kind of logic except that the shopping list in question was kept ON the very door he had to open to put the empty container back. And there was a pen right next to the list. And it was at eye level so that he couldn’t miss it. However, in guy-world, putting the container back in the fridge is easier than making a note. Oh, wait, easier than making a note AND putting the container in the trash . . . what was I thinking?

  9. My husband not only leaves almost empty and empty containers in the frige….He also does this with other products, such as his lotion, aftershave products, etc. I don’t think he is leaving a message for me because these are products he exclusively uses. Additionally, he likes to do most of the grocery shopping.

    I counted 5 bottles of the same brand of lotion, one new, and the rest used to varying degrees. One was empty. I’m beginning to think this is some type of psychosis with not being able to throw things way. Has anyone heard of this?

  10. This morning I did the same thing with milk. When my wife flipped out I searched online to see if any other husbands do this as a joke, to make sure my sense of humor isn’t too far off, really. This was the top google hit. Thanks for the reassurance!

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