Husband Unable to Identify Angelina Jolie


My husband’s job involves working on movies. Yet he can barely name a single famous actor or actress. I’m not sure what that means. It could mean we need to visit a neurologist. Or that he needs to do some serious brushing up on his celebrity gossip–get with it guy!!!! Let me know what you think after reading this true story.

Does everyone remember the HUGE hype that came out about Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt shortly before the release of “Mr. and Mrs. Smith”? (In case you are like my husband, I am referring to the story about the divorce between Pitt and Aniston and the alleged affair between Pitt and Jolie). So, right as this story came out, my husband began working on the movie “Mr. and Mrs. Smith.” (Not as an actor, but in an artistic role.) If you remember, everyone everywhere was talking about this scandal. It was all over the internet. It was even on primetime news. So I said to him, “Oh cool, that’s the movie that Brad Pitt and Angelina star in together!”

My husband asked: “Who’s Angelina?”

Naturally, I was confused. Then assumed this was one of his jokes that aren’t funny. I said, “Uh, Angelina JOLIE.”

He said, “Who’s Angelina Jolie?”

That was not funny, but nevertheless, he was not joking. He now claims that knew her FACE, just not her NAME. However, a while later, he was working in a studio in Los Angeles and ran into Natalie Portman. (They didn’t say hi or anything, just stood near each other for a few seconds.) He DID at least know she’s famous, and knew she was in “Star Wars,” but was unable to identify her by name. There are other famous people he has run into. But I couldn’t even figure out who they were.

This story illustrates a few points. First, it shows that my husband is out of touch in a way you and I never thought possible. Secondly, it shows that there are some people who really, TRULY aren’t phased by beauty, money, fame, and so on. BUT look out! These people will also not care about their own beauty, money, or fame. So, husband doesn’t know the name of beautiful women=husband doesn’t feel the need to fix chipped tooth for beauty’s sake. Or husband doesn’t care about money=husband thinks it’s fine to have no job for a long time.

But I made my choice, and despite all of the oddities, I’m very happy with having a husband who’s moronic in some ways but very real and deep in others. That said, I sincerely hope he doesn’t freak me out like that again anytime soon.

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  1. Wow! This is funny! The only persons I know who hasn’t heard of Angelina Jolie is my grandpa, she has little time for celeb gossip news, and my Dad – he has no time at all, being busy all the time.

  2. Holly, this is too funny. You’re living a dream, sister. It sounds like you (your husband) have the best of both worlds–a chance to be creative in a huge capacity, but without the trouble of people watching your every move. You do need to give him an Us magazine primer or something, though, it’s completely unacceptable to not know these people’s names and at a least one embarrassing fact about each. A disgrace.

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