I Am Wearing My Husband’s Underwear


I am wearing my husband’s underwear today. I hope that’s ok with everyone. No, I’m not talking boxers–which I don’t wear, but which really wouldn’t warrant a post on a blog–well, unless the boxers had pictures of naked girls on them or something. I’m talking standard Hanes briefs. (Not the small briefs, as I wouldn’t be caught dead in a pair of those, heck no.) Just the regular, standard men’s underwear.

It’s not kinky or me trying to be some kind of sexy tomboy type Hanes model or anything. (And believe me, at these late stages of pregnancy, I don’t think I’d sell TOO many pairs of Hanes to the guys by modeling them anyway…)

It’s because I haven’t done laundry in a very long time. I’m having laundry problems. Very serious ones. So serious that they’ve led me to wear a man’s underwear for the first time in my entire life.

The only other choice was the underwear of my skinny little 6 year-old boy. That just seemed wrong. It also seemed tight.

So, you might want to know how it feels to wear a man’s underwear. (Or if you’re a man, we’ll assume you know how it feels to wear your own underwear, but perhaps you are curious to know how it feels to a woman.) To be honest, it feels very comfortable. There is a nice big waistband. I like that. Mine don’t have that. They have little bitty waistbands so as to prevent lines that show through clothing. Probably this big man waistband is showing through my clothing in a very big way. Ha ha. How attractive–that kind of puts the finishing touch on my whole late-pregnancy, need haircut, man underwear lines showing through maternity clothes look. I can see the envy written all over your face right now.

In addition, they are kind of hot, not as in sexy, but as in too warm. They are made of a thick cottony material. I prefer the thin material mine are made of. Wonder why men’s underwear are so darn thick? Most likely support needs. Yes, that makes sense. Oh well, beggars can’t be choosers. I’m just lucky to have underwear to put on today.

I’m very sorry if this post is a little too graphic for your taste. I will sincerely try to tone it down tomorrow. And will hopefully do laundry between now and then, as the next step is actually wearing my husband’s pants.

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  1. OMG Holly. My aunt used to do this when my late uncle was still alive. I thought it was hilarious. I never thought to hear about it from other women, though. You are BRAVE to share this with the whole world!

  2. So what is wrong with the laundry issue? As a LAUNDRY ADDICT… I need to know!

    Oh.. hilarious that you are blogging on this subject!

  3. Ha!!! I will admit to the world, right along with you, that I too, in fact, have worn my husbands underwear before. It was purely because I did not have anymore clean jeans except for this one pair. Ah, I love that pair, they fit perfectly, they have been worn down to a soft denim, I have worn them so many times all the stretchies know exactly where they need to work….we all have a pair like this I am sure. The perfect jeans in every way…except for the giant gaping hole in the butt. For some reason I always blow out the part between the right back pocket & the crack seam. I chalk it up to the fact I carry a mens chain wallet, my kids say its cause I have a big butt (which i don’t, thank you)

    I digress. I needed a clean pair of pants & the husbands boxer briefs would cover anything that might be flashin…I must say, that one brand he has is mightly comfortable. They dont have the thickness issue you spoke of. Having such a good turn out from the boxer briefs later on I tried the tightie whities, yeah, not so good.

    To sum it all up…both pairs made it awkward with the extra material in the front. I was tempted to use it as a pocket or somethin’.

  4. Hi Neka,

    Thank you for letting me know that I am not alone. I think a hole in the back of jeans is a perfect reason to wear a man’s boxers. In fact, that may be next on my list.

    Also, it’s just very nice to know that I’m not the only one.

  5. Hi Beth,

    First, your blog is very interesting. People who live on farms and own horses mystify me. I am sure it’s extremely difficult, but it seems like a perfect way to live.

    Also, I can see that you must be addicted to laundry as you say, because your clothes are spic and span in each of your photos and if I’m not mistaken, also beautifully ironed.

    Perhaps you’ll have some words of wisdom. My laundry issues are that I can’t seem to get to the laundry. Then when I do, I can’t get to folding it. This never happened until this year. Could it be my blog’s fault?

    Holly Kay

  6. I, too, wore my husband’s underwear when I was big and pregnant — and found it oddly invigorating. When I mentioned this to my mother, she was somewhat concerned that I would be in a car accident and they would find me wearing men’s underwear.

  7. LOL, you’re too sexy for your own underwear, you just have to wear hubbys. Hey whatever works. Sometimes, I dont wear anybodys. Heheh. I do wear mens PJ’s….for the length of course.

  8. Hi SMA,

    HA HA!!! TOO funny. Your mother’s concern about the underwear/car accident warning is going to stick with me for a while

    I’m trying to remember if I felt unusually invigorated yesterday. I think I might have now that you mention it.

  9. Ok Holly, while reading this I took a swig of water……you owe me a laptop screen! LOL
    I confess to wearing men’s boxer’s as jammies (not the big butt kind) but never tried the TW’s. Maybe you could explain those big butt ones? What is that, and how can it be jammed into jeans and not feel like load…eh, something back there?
    Hope you are having a great day.

  10. I remember wearing men’s briefs once.. there was too much fabric bunching up in my crotch. I guess men need that extra fabric to make room for their boys. My husband wears boxers.

    Regarding Tracey’s comment.. those big butt boxers are soooo ugly.

  11. SMA beat me to it. I was also concerned with the accident factor. From an early age, my grandmother insisted that we always wore “nice” underwear, so that if were in an accident, they would know we came from a “nice” family. Later, she instructed us to always wear matching bra’s/panties…just in case the doctor was cute.

  12. Hey, I won’t lie. I wore my hubby’s undies and LOVED it. Back when he was a tighty whitey guy, I regularly stole his underwear to combat the cold New England winters. Heavy cotton, hell yeah. Those things are toasty.

    Alas, now that he’s a boxer guy, I’m back to freezing my tushie off.

  13. Well i should say we women have adopted almost every male cloth items right upto underwear. Although we don’t like our males to wear the women’s ones. Hmm… double standard, no!
    Any way their underwears are really cozy and comfortable but only under skirts or pyjamas. Many of my friends too admit using them regularly. And that feeling of ‘him’ always hugging, Wow, its so lovely.

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