Been Doing Homemaker-y and Handyman-ish Things

WOW. I can’t believe I haven’t blogged since December! Well, there’s so much to share! Let’s see…where to begin. First, is it ok if I toot my own horn a little? I’m feeling rather proud of the homemaker coming out in me. Now, don’t let that statement confuse you–I have ALWAYS loved cooking. And I guess the house is always tidy–but very limited deepcleaning…in other words, you won’t see a lot of junk lying around everywhere, yet you’ll always want to avoid the corners, nooks, and crannies when visiting my house.

By “house” I mean condo.

OH, and by “my” I do mean “my” and not “our”! That’s cause I’m divorced! I’m working on changing the …what do you call it…oh yeah, the tagline of my blog. I can’t think of a good one yet. I might just leave it as it already is. Who cares? It’s a blog title, not a college diploma.

What else was I going to tell you? OH, homemaker. OH wait, a few more divorce details first. Let’s see, what would anyone reading my blog want to know? Did the things I blog about cause our divorce? NO. Those things were funny. It was stuff that I did NOT blog about that caused the divorce. But don’t worry–this wasn’t one of those horrible and devastating separations. As you know if you read a few postings, my husband (oopsey, keep calling him “husband” and not “ex husband” and also when I talk to him, sometimes I call him “honey” by accident. But he does the same thing, and neither of us cares of feels confused by it, so I guess it’s fine.) was gone all the time, and when he moved out, it felt very similar to what life had always felt before. Now, I SUSPECT that’s not how a separation from your spouse is supposed to feel–and there, most likely, lay the heart of the issue.

Let’s see, what else might people want to know that I feel comfortable putting on a blog that my ex husband (yay! I remembered to write “ex” this time!) or his mom or his best friends or my mom or my best friends could read? Ummmm. Nothing. Okey dokey. So, long story short, we’re both really happy to be on a new path, I moved closer to family, and my ex husband STILL im’s me all the time with questions like “hey, when did I come to the US”? (He means what date did HE come to the US. Yeah. He can’t remember. Hello, can you say “look at your passport, the date is stamped in there?” No.  So he asks me. Lots of im’s like that.)

Ok…OH. I was going to tell you how homemaker-y. Not just THAT. Also I’ve gotten very handyman-ish-y.  There are so many, I’m just going to go ahead and make a long list for you:

1) Hemmed four pairs of jeans and one pair of pants. Though I poked a needle in my hand five times–and bled all five times–BUT the clothing doesn’t look half bad, and the jeans were for my son so they’ll be too short by like Christmas, so I hemmed them in a way that I can UN-hem them and RE-hem them. Have you ever met anyone who did THAT? You have now.

2) Installed my own printer. AND the wireless component WORKS. It never worked when my husband (oops, ex husband) installed it. HA.

3) Screwed a water filter onto a faucet.

4) Dismantled a REALLY heavy shelf thing that was old and dangerous because it leaned over. AND made a million trips to the dumpster carrying shelves that were way taller than me and way longer than my arms. It looked stupid, and it almost killed me because my arms kept cramping up and it was squishing my fingers to carry it–hard to explain. I was trying to get this handyman to let me pay him to carry it away, but I guess he’s too GOOD for that type of dirty work. So this girl did it herself.

5) Refinished a table and four chairs. I’m talking stripped those things down to the BARE wood. Bare beautiful wood. Then sanded, stained, and sealed them. There are like a million layers of paint on those things. But they do look pretty nice. OH, and my hot neighbor–remember the one who heroically yelled at crooks trying to steal my GPS out of my car? Well, he is a master refinisher showed me how to use the RAZOR technique to smooth out a finish. Anybody know that the RAZOR technique entails? No? Oh. Well, send me an email if you need any RAZOR finishing technique tips. Or general refinishing tips. I went to the local DIY store 80 million times and kept buying stuff and exchanging it–I’m serious, it went on like every day for a month. They hate me at that store. But it’s ok–I no longer live in that city. Bye bye DIY store; I learned a lot from you.

7) Changed the light bulb IN mu TV. (I spelled “mu” that way on purpose. It rhymes with “hu”. Do you say that? My favorite way to use “mu” is to say that I’m driving in “mu” Mustang. I don’t have a car right now though, but if I did, I’d want it to be a Mustang.)

8) OH, circling back to #1, I set up my printer to work as a fax AND the fax is also WIRELESS. There were a few steps forward and a few steps back during that fax process, but we’re all good now.

9) I baked  I got a bunch of REAL pretty summer clothes. No more of that same outfit every day stuff. I had like FOUR smokin’ outfits. (Only two pairs of shorts, but due to the FOUR shirts, it looked like lots of outfits.) Dang, you should have seen me. And I had some cute high heel sandals.

10) The tough mover guys put together my desk bench incorrectly, and the legs kept falling off the bench. I figured out how to screw them on correctly. In other words, I fixed…no, repaired…the bench that the tough guys put together in correctly. Take THAT mover guys who put furniture together on a daily basis. If you have any assembly questions, you can find me right here.

So these are the homemaker-y and handyman-ish things I’ve been doing. Now I want to blog about my recent crushes. Then I have to go to bed. CRAP. It’s 12:40am. What the heck??

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