Cross Country Move = Lots of New Faces

Not surprisingly, our new city has involved some new crushes. Since I’m divorced and most excitement in my life has to take place with my small children or in my own mind (since I can’t get out because no babysitter, also no money FOR babysitter–but that’s ok, because I have a plan to get rich later)….Anyway, for these reasons, I think my crushes will make up the bulk of what I will be blogging about in the future. Somehow that seems lame and totally meaningless and stupid. Nevertheless, for some reason I’m feeling VERY compelled to write about that topic. Sometimes maybe I’ll also feel compelled to write about important things like life after death or psychoanalysis of people who puzzle me, or perhaps age old questions like why some of us are have’s and some are have not’s. Who knows? Anyway, so far here are the guys I like:

1) My hot, un-married orthodontist. Well, actually I liked him so much, but then I realized he’s one of those who has everyone under a spell due to his hotness. So now, I can’t really say I have a crush on him–he’s too aware of his own charm. But he’s still really cute, so I might blog about him when I see him for my Invisalign.

2) Cute lifeguard at pool last summer. Okay,he looked like Bo Duke (as in The Dukes of Hazard) but CUTER. My 10-year-old son made me laugh aloud from happiness one day when we were walking home from the pool. He said, “Mom, WHY did that lifeguard keep staring and smiling at you? It was EMBARRASSING.” Hahahahahh. I’m not sure there was indeed smiling or staring, but if there was, I’m definitely fine with it.

3) My old boss. This is not Hot Boss. This is Old Hot Boss. He’s my boss from many years ago whom I have never blogged about. Now, he’s what I might refer to as a HUGE “no no”. Many reasons. But he sure is cute. And super smart. I always had a crush on him. I don’t think there will be any stories about him–because he’s a “no no”, but also because I don’t suspect he and I will be in contact. Still, I wanted to mention him.

4) Republicans running for President—oh man, this entry could go on for days, but I have two seconds (have to sleep darn it, it’s almost 1:00am…what am I doing???). I need a whole PAGE just to talk about mu’ man Mitt. Let’s see…how can I sum up my thoughts on him? Oh I know–I can’t contain my love for Mitt Romney, that’s how. I am not even Republican–but he makes me feel Republican…and proud of being Republican. Only a true genius could do that. Mitt Romney, you make the world a better, more aesthetically amazing, and of course, a more effectively medically insured place to live. (We know, we know, NOT in an Obamacare way because the insurance program YOU enacted in Massachusetts is NOT like Obamacare, it’s Genius-care, and it’s perfect. Just like you.)

More on Mitt tomorrow. I might need to blog about him a few times–there’s just so much to say. I need an I HEART MITT ROMNEY coffee mug, man.

Well, I need to go to bed now. Nighty night.

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