Remember Iko Iko?

Remember this song? (This is the Iko Iko music video–the version of the song from the movie RainMan). How in the WORLD did I forget how sassy and sexy this video is? The lady pictured above is the singer from Belle Stars. I love this video–good scenes from RainMan, plus it’s a great version of this song.

I’ve experienced one extremely positive effect from watching this video a million times today and yesterday: I always disliked ballet until now–specifically due to the tight spandex on guys look. While I’ve always wanted to be sophisticated enough to like opera and ballet…it just hasn’t happened for me. Well, until the fancy footwork by the dude in this video. MAN. I wish I could be his type (ie, male I guess). Ha ha. I just said I wish I could be male–what a weird and un-funny joke that was!

A few other things I’m enjoying about this video:

  1. How the girl in this video be SO HOT with white dreadlocks and green things hanging off her bodysuit? Also, why is it that she’s adorable when she swings HER hair, but when I swing mine like that, I look stupid? Whatever.
  2. How short and tight people’s pants were in the movie RainMan–I never noticed that at the time, but wow.
  3. For some reason, I always remembered the girl in the movie as the same lady who did all those “Don’t hate me because I’m beautiful” commercials. Nope–totally different lady in this movie…
  4. Is it just me, or does the VH1 title in the lower left corner say “Rain Main” instead of “Rain Man”? Come on now VH1.
  5. I tried to do the sassy dances of the blond dread locks girl in the video. It didn’t go well, but I’m so proud that I tried.

Oh also, this video has been viewed like 1,400,000 times. I think I personally am responsible for a good 1000 of those just between yesterday and today. If you decide to watch the video–and ESPECIALLY the hot footwork at 1:39, you might keep clicking replay. You’ve been warned!

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  1. Opera…that brought back some painful memories. I only did it for love but sadly to say it wasn’t enough to keep me awake. Those were probably the most expensive naps I have ever enjoyed. Season tickets…one season – ouch!

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