Wherefore Art Thou Romance?

I just found a site called Not Always Romantic with funny romantic stories (or more precisely, un-romantic stories) from couples all over the place. This site has quotes far worse than those on my blog! I got lucky, and this site linked to HusbandClothes for the month of February–page views on my site doubled, so I assume this site is getting a LOT of traffic. (In other words, good place to get a story posted if you are looking for blog traffic.) Anyway, here are two stories I found on this site that cracked me up:

Till Like Do Us Part
This story tells how a newlywed husband made a low-key marriage ceremony even lower-keyed by disappearing right after “I do”!

Putting Your Heart Into a Relationship
Oh dear…this is a line from an anniversary card a husband has written himself. Keep writing those anniversary cards, Casanova!

Wow! It’s stories like these that make me thankful I am not seeking romance in any way, shape, or form! Well, still, the cute thing that stands out in these stories is, hey, at least these guys are trying! I mean, sure, their attempts at romance probably hurt their partners’ feelings a great deal–but not every man is a natural-born Romeo! Maybe it’s times like these that the thought is truly what counts (since the actual words really didn’t do the trick).

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