People Are Being REALLY Nice To Me!

What in the world? It seems like everyone is being so super nice to me–I mean, people are generally pretty nice and all, but goodness…how lucky I feel. The niceness is SO plentiful this week that it has overwhelmed me enough EVEN to motivate me to write a blog post about it. Are people catching spring fever? Are they reading a lot about NDE’s like I do? (Hey, can you remind me to write a big long post all about NDE’s the next time I can muster the motivation to blog? Okay good.)

Alright, so general recap: I am a single mom of three wonderful super handsome awesome boys. We moved cross-country about a year ago and loved where we lived in California but are loving the Washington DC metro area just as much–probably more since there’s family here. Other deets: My ex-husband is very nice but for various reasons things are much better now than they were when we were married. He constantly asks me for help with spelling and writing emails and all kinds of stuff like taxes, and that is fine, and we get along great. Um…I can’t think of anything else that’s pertinent to this post, and actually, none of the above is pertinent, but it seemed relevant to throw these tidbits in there.

SO, here are all of the people who have been so super nice to me lately:

1) Very Handsome Neighbor Guy: I noticed this guy the moment when we moved in, and boy, is he good-looking. He is single. He often walks his dog outside, and every time we see each other, he smiles at me, and I like it. I smile at him too. Today he started a conversation with me when we happened to both be heading toward the garbage dumpster, and he was nice. It was fun to finally talk to Handsome Neighbor Guy. Oh…I just realized that talking to me isn’t the type of kindness that warrants being #1 on this list…but I’m mentioning him first because a) it’s the most recent of all listed events and b) he’s so cute.

2)Pakistani Neighbors: There is a Pakistani family who lives by us, and they are SO NICE. The mom and I see each other at the bus stop waiting for our children, and she doesn’t really know English. But she wants to talk, and me too–I have tons of questions to ask about her culture. So she talks to me usually in her language of Pashto–I don’t know any Pashto, but it sure sounds beautiful when she speaks it. Also she and I exchange foods. I send my children over to her house with desserts and fruit, and she sends hers over with the BEST rice and meat dishes in the world. I love them. I hope they never move.

3) Fellow Mom #1: YES. I got a social invitation from a fellow mom. These are few and far between when you’re the new mom in town, and you are far too shy (at first, not always) to stick around trying to talk to parents at school events and things. No way, too scary. I like this mom. She has children the same age as my boys.

4) Fellow Mom #2: YES. A really cool mom who I have a ton in common with has been talking to me a lot while we wait to pick up our kids. It is not fun waiting alone every day. This lady is so neat. She has a business, she has a website, she has three boys. Hi. Me too.

5) Really Nice Plumber: Ok, this is sort of a long story. BUT I had this big huge board that’s 4 feet by 7 feet and needed 1 inch sawed off the top of it. SO, these plumbers are fixing this thing nearby, and I have talked to the guy in charge–his name is Sam–before and know he does other types of maintenance. So I asked Sam if he happened to have a saw (it felt embarrassing to ask a plumber that, but my intuition said he might have one–and by gosh, he did.) SO he sent one of the workers over to saw this board. Sam and the worker were SO NICE. Dang.

6) Ruby the Cleaner: Ruby is the lady in charge of the cleaning crew for our condos–the outside areas, not inside of course. Anyway, my toilet got clogged up, and I had no plunger. So I called Sam–the guy in #4. His crew was working far away that day, so he gave me Ruby’s number and told me to ask her to borrow a plunger. CRAP…who borrows a plunger? But I had no car at that time, so few choices. SO I called Ruby, and within five minutes, she showed up at my condo with a plunger and said I can have it.

8 ) Billy: Billy has such a nice voice and sounds like he’s from Tennessee. You have to love that. He works for Ruby. So, I asked Billy if he does handywork on the side, and he said yes. He came to help me dismantle this big bulky piece of furniture and take it to the dump. THEN the next day at 10:30pm, Billy called me. I thought, “Oh no…why is he calling me so late at night?” I mean, who calls at 10:30pm? BUT turns out he was calling to tell me my car lights were still on. NICE. Thanks, Billy, you saved the day (see #9–this was the day that would have been ruined had Billy not called).

9) My sister: Ok, so Saturday two of my boys had soccer games at 11:30am…uh, hi, how am I suppose to do that? My sister came and rescued me. I drove her with one son to the location of his game, and I took the other to his game. Not only THAT, but THEN she stayed forever after that so I could take a long walk AND go to the store. She acted like it was all easy too. That’s what I call love.

Is this list boring? My sister keeps telling me to blog about my life right now. I think I’m having trouble with that because I don’t feel that most things going on make good blog material. I mean, hi, wanna hear the story about how I burned dinner the other day? Yeah, I didn’t think so. But there are a few topics I want to share. And these people made such a huge difference in the past several days–it’s so amazing how a kind deed like sawing a board can totally relieve stress and completely change the course of the entire day or week ahead.

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  1. Yes, we want to hear about how you burned dinner!! And about the second dinner you made to replace the burned dinner, and how all three boys hated it!

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