Acceptance and Rejection

I have recent experiences with acceptance and rejection. I’ve also had recent experiences with UFO’s. Ha ha. Sorry, just kidding. Ok, so let’s cover the bad news first. Actually it’s not very bad. It’s just that the other news is better! BUT two rejections occurred in my life, and they irritate me, and I will comment on each of them briefly before moving onto the awesome acceptances!!!

Rejection #1: Old friend. So this “friend” and I were corresponding about getting our families together (meaning her, her children, her parents, and her husband, plus, my children and me). Um, so she asks about my husband, I said I’m divorced, and boom? The correspondence ground to a hault. I have known this gal since college. She’d written, “Can you get together one day during the first two weeks in August? OH, also, not to be nosey, but are you and the hubby doing ok?” I responded, “Yes, we can get together any day during the first two weeks in August! You choose. And, no, divorced now, but we’re all doing well!” Um…no response. Oh my, I just wrote a  three-page blog entry about how much that irritates me, but I can’t be 100% sure why she didn’t respond, plus, I am so happy, so is my ex-husband, and so are my children. Also, this particular individual tended in the past to be very competitive (who has the biggest house, who is the prettiest, who is this, who is that, and so on), and that kind of stuff is dumb. So, these are the reasons I waited a year to contact her after moving near her, and these are also the reasons I feel great about leaving that friendship in the past (assuming she never answers to let me know if the first two weeks in August 2012 work, that is:).

Rejection #2: Well, I can’t think of a specific one. There is the general rejection of living in a new town. I am in a place–an unusual one–where like 70% or 75% of couples are married AND quite well to do. I am divorced and, well, financially, average or maybe below average. It makes me feel very out of place. I’m not usually one to feel awkward, but in places where a lot of moms congregate and talk to each other, I’m finding myself alone a lot. I don’t like that. It feels a little like rejection. I mean, I won’t count anyone out. I’ll just stay aware. If anyone says hi to me, I am sure to return that gesture, but between preschool and elementary school moms–all of whom seem to be integrated into a crowd and not needing new acquaintances like me–I’m feeling a little like a fish out of water.

Acceptance #1: Two old friends from forever ago. How loved do I feel?  Two friends from 10 years ago contacted me this week. These ladies and I went to graduate school school together around 1999-2001, Seriously. We were in class together the day after 9/11 in 2001, and one of them had to console children whose parents were working in and around the Pentagon that day. Yeah. Both of these awesome teachers called me this week and want to talk and meet. I’m SO  EXCITED. These ladies are neat…one’s from Italy, and the other’s from Rhode Island. These gals have so many “fans”. Student fans. Parent fans. They’ve been teachers for a million years. But still, they are interested in catching up with me. It’s good to be interesting!!!

Acceptance #2: New Friends. I have two new friends who I am really liking!!! One’s divorced like me, but in some ways we’re very different. This lady lives in a home that is like five times the size of my condo. She is supermodel pretty. She drives the sassiest looking SUV I’ve ever seen (and usually I don’t really like SUV’s…but this one, well, it’s just an extremely nice looking car). My OTHER new friend is from Russia. She lives in our condo complex. I love going to her place because she’s a minimalist (not self-proclaimed, just, you can tell because…well, because it’s obvious). There’s no furniture in their place. The living room is HUGE, but you will only find a place to sit down, a table (for tea), and a TV with a stand. Otherwise, that place is barren, just like mine. I like these ladies because they are smart, funny, interesting to talk to, AND they have both invited me to their homes and other places. I LOVE getting invited places, especially since I’m still sort of the new girl in town. It’s so easy to ignore the new girl…but I’m lucky, thanks to these ladies and a few other awesome people like my sister and father, I don’t think I had one lonely day this year. Hm. Compared to when I was married when…oh, but no reason to look back!

Acceptance #3: Playground Dad. I saw him once last spring. We were joking about stinky flowers. Here, there is this a flower that blooms in spring here–not sure of the name–and it smells horrid. He and I happened to be at the school playground together one day during the week of this flower week-long stinkiness event, and we were asking each other where the heck this scent was coming from. I like him. He is tall, wears cute sunglasses, and in general, I’d say this man is very attractive–but most ladies would not think so, which is fine with me. The thing that really gets me? I saw him today for the first time since last spring, and he’s wearing the very same pair of shorts today as he was the day we were talking about the stinky flower. Coincidence? I think not. If I have met a man who wears the same outfit every single day (like I do), there is no option other than to marry him immediately. Oh, and I hope he likes me. And I think he might, but after the Hot Boss email rejection incident, I no longer trust my “man” senses, so I will just relax and keep reading my Twilight books rather than think too much more about Playground Dad for now.

So there is my update about acceptances and rejections. Other than that, there’s not much going on over here.

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