Sometimes We Just Need…

Sometimes we just need someone to say, “You can do it!”

I am so lucky to have friends who tell me this. I’m not even the type who needs it very often. I enjoy taking risks and trying new things, and failure doesn’t crush me. But every once in a while, something I want to try makes me feel afraid, nervous, inadequate..and that’s when I really need the right words from another person, when my own self-encouragement might be just enough to keep me going, but not quite enough to make me sure.

I am trying this new thing, and I am feeling so unsure, yet a voice inside still says that I should be able to do this–with enough thought and with enough work. And as a single mom of three boys, I have to be careful which ventures I attempt to put my time, labor, and heart into…So, I choose ventures that involve no financial risk. Therefore, this particular venture involves no monetary risk, only the risk of learning that I’m unable to do this particular thing that I really want to do…In other words, I have my regular income. I’d never risk losing that…I have three little mouths to feed, and by gosh, they’re getting fed:) And while I accept that with no questions or doubts, it tends to leave very little time or energy for mom (i.e., me) or mom’s hopes and dreams. There are so many dreams I could spout off in this blog post, but why? The most important thing I can accomplish in this world is to raise my three boys to be compassionate, help others less loved and less fortunate, and to believe in and respect themselves–and me, of course, and all of humanity. Oh, but I digress. The point is, I’m bound to these sacred obligations, and my own personal dreams, as much as I’d love to have the time and energy for them, come after my young boys. They are young, after all. When they are older, I am sure (or at least, I hope) that my blog posts will be full of my own dreams and all the steps and time I’m taking to accomplish them!

But anyway, there’s this thing I’m trying to do. I have limited time, limited energy, but limitless hope and desire to do this thing. Today, one of my confidantes–one who’s rather finicky and not one who tends to give empty compliments–told me I can do it. She even named a few different parts to it–the parts, or steps, that particularly make me nervous, and that make me feel inadequate and unsure. And she meant it.

Even though I keep telling myself the same words she said, that I can do it, it’s so immeasurably helpful to hear this from another person. May I remember the importance of words the next time one of my loved ones comes to me to discuss a venture, or a risk, or a new idea.

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