Gift for Valentine’s Day?

What, oh what, should I get myself for Valentine’s Day? For like 13 years, I received no gift–I repeat, NO GIFT–from anyone for Valentine’s Day (including my ex husband, and we were married for 12 years).

Wait. I take that back. One year, my father got me a gorgeous bouquet. It was so sweet that it almost made me cry (keyword=almost)…It’s almost impossible for me to cry, but if I remember correctly, that was a hard year, and boy, did I ever appreciate that bouquet. Dad of the year. Really, he is. Dad of EVERY year.

Ok, and wait…I received that one small aquarium from a drugstore that one year from my husband. The one that cost $7, that had a small cactus and cheap mirrors on each side that he obviously bought at the last minute, was scary looking, and that I tried to inconspicuously get rid of many times…only to result in the ex husband digging it out of the garbage and getting angry at me for having thrown the “gift” away…Not to be catty, but this is a man who bought himself a BMW, as well as a Cobra (Mustang)…uh, can Holly have a gift, a real one, for Valentine’s Day?

Okay, but he and I are friends, and we’re so ever happily divorced, so let’s not talk any further about that ole’ aquarium, and let’s hope he got it because he loved and appreciated me, and NOT because the drugstore was just around the corner, and he couldn’t care less what he got me, and he wanted to spend as little as possible on it, and just get it quickly.

SO, long story short, I’ve gotten 2 Valentine’s gifts in 13 years…Well, I am ready for ANOTHER one! But this year, I think I’ll get one for myself. I can’t decide between these things: 1) a beautiful bouquet 2) a bottle of wine that is made from rose petals–flowers are my favorite things, as are botanical gardens, any kind of gardens, orchards, and pretty much, any type of land with colorful growth, or 3) a piece of jewelry.

Well…this presents a bit of a conundrum. I’m NOT good at buying things, especially for myself–those purchases usually get put off indefinitely in place of other things more urgently needed, like school supplies for my precious boys. But I’m not good at deciding which thing to buy either. However, after getting two Valentine’s Day gifts in 13 years, I’m pretty dang determined to get something this year. Long story short, I think I’m getting all three things!!! The good news is, I’ve got a good project that will allow for those extra’s…So, I’m thinking, there’s no time like the present.

Let’s do this! I hope all of you have the most wonderful Valentine’s Day ever this year.

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