Mary Kay Discount Coupon Code

  Need a Mary Kay discount or coupon code? I have a cosmetics coupon for Marykay for 15% off. I get no money or cut for this. The code is SPECIAL09. You cannot use this code everywhere–only through the site of this Mary Kay’s consultant, and by email or phone (not online orders): I […]

Many Hot Dads (Including My Husband)

My husband came home for a day while on his job out of town (for one day). It’s wonderful to see him. And absence is so good for the heart, as well as the eyes. He is looking cuter than ever! Of course, this follows a 2 week absence. So, at this point, in my […]

Absence Makes the Heart Grow So Fond…

Hi, I hope all is well. We are having such a nice time–me and the boys that is. My husband is still working out of town. How hard it must be for military wives. Or wives who lose their husbands unexpectedly. I usually like to (attempt to) be humorous, but I’m kind of in a […]

Car Window Broken By Theives (OK Cause Hot Men Saved Me)

Last night, I FINALLY accomplished my 3-month goal of getting into bed around 11:30 pm. This was a HUGE feat and took me many weeks. I gradually had to work my way down from somewhere around 2:00 am (and I may be lying to not tell you how late I was really staying up, but […]

Husband Unable to Identify Angelina Jolie

My husband’s job involves working on movies. Yet he can barely name a single famous actor or actress. I’m not sure what that means. It could mean we need to visit a neurologist. Or that he needs to do some serious brushing up on his celebrity gossip–get with it guy!!!! Let me know what you […]

My Husband Kind Of Resembles Grizzly Adams

Hi. Being that it’s Easter Weekend, my husband is spending many hours at home. This means, I can’t post as freely as I usually can. Darn it. And it also means that topics to write and complain about are piling up (though I will not be able to vent about them until Monday…) SO quickly, […]

Attention Men: Groomed=Hot, Ungroomed=Not Hot

I have mentioned in previous posts, my husband is naturally handsome. It’s one of the main reasons I wanted to date him. Also, he knows 3 languages and he’s really, really kind. The problem is that he often sabotages his his good looks. Let’s look at an example. Does your guy ever do this? I […]

Guest Photo: Husband Dress Shoes Unacceptable

Finally, a photo of some very questionable, borderline frightening, work attire that does not belong to MY husband. These shoes belong to the husband of one of my very good friends. Take a look at these little treasures: Come on now. Are you sure these things are shoes? Where could this guy have possibly purchased […]

Wrinkled Brown Pants Update (Husband Spy?)

I think my husband might be spying on me! The day after I posted the photo of his brown wrinkled pants (below), he put them in the laundry basket. Now, perhaps that doesn’t seem like a huge coincidence right off the bat. But he has outright refused to let me (yes, as in ALLOW ME) […]

Pants Need Urgent Attention

Alright, this one’s a doozy. These are my husband’s favorite pants. Can you tell? They are (as in WERE) good, quality pants–Levi’s, you know, not the type you’d expect to wrinkle like aluminum foil. But the problem doesn’t lie in the fabric. No, the problem is my husband’s firm belief that pants can be worn […]