Husband’s Ticket My Fault…OOPS

Man, my husband was getting on my nerves SO much last week, I could barely even blog. Every post started and ended with “I want a divorce,” then I had to delete them. Because this blog is to help me handle things with humor, not with anger. But as you know, in marriage, sometimes there’s […]

Almost Got Divorced On Sunday

Last weekend was the first weekend we got to see my husband in over a month! And, ironically, the weekend was HORRIBLE. Saturday was pretty uneventful. My husband slept till 3pm, which was extremely irritating, but I was able to do my work without his help, got it all done, and moved onto Sunday. Sunday […]

I Hope Your Spouse Is Not a Narcissist

Look out. Sometimes I get psychological. Ha ha. That may not be a real word. Okay, I get um psychiatric (?). Or perhaps I get psychic. Or neurological. Or neurotic. Sorry, see, it’s almost 1:00 am. I really should not be posting at this hour–I start telling jokes that are weird and scary. So, I […]

STOP! Shower Time.

There are two important morning routines in our home: 1) My husband NEVER wakes up earlier than 8:00 am, though he needs to wake up by 7:30 am. 2) If I wake up early to take a shower, so as to free the bathroom up early, my husband miraculously WAKES up, DARTS out of bed, […]

Husband + Hot Dogs = No More Smoking

Years ago, I was a chain smoker with no hope of ever quitting. I was otherwise normal and in good health–I ate right, exercised, all that good stuff. Looked darn cute–sorry, I think the 10 years ago factor gives me bragging rights at this time, does it not? But I had a habit of smoking […]

Husband Woke Up Late? Sorry, Don’t Care

My husband and the ALARM CLOCK are getting ON MY NERVES. He thinks it’s my responsibility to make sure he wakes up at 7am. I used to try, but it’s impossible to wake this man up. He gets up no earlier than 8am. The alarm clock goes off every 10 minutes for an entire hour. […]

Once My Mother-in-law “Told Me Off”

Not to have a competition for whose mother-in-law is the meanest, strangest, or craziest, but let me know if this could make me the clear winner nevertheless. (I’ve never won anything–so I’m hoping this might change all that.) My mother-in-law is from a different country. That country is very mountainous and therefore quite closed off […]

Getting Blamed for Strange Things

I don’t know about you, but I get blamed for some ODD things.¬†¬†Here are a few examples from this week: 1.) Not watching the YouTube videos my husband sends me via Instant Messenger. He sends like 5 of them a day, and then checks up on me to see if I’ve watched them. If I […]

Why Your Wife or Girlfriend Acts Mean

Hi. I made this interesting discovery. Apparently guys read my blog. I was a little surprised at all of the REALLY nice emails from guys about how mean that my husband forgot my birthday! Wow–thanks. SO, I made some joke posts to guys in the past. Now, I decided to write a real post to […]

My Husband Might Be Materialistic

This post is mainly for the guys out there. I got my first Guy Feedback that I am mean and materialistic! You are probably saying it in a joking way, as in “you’re so mean” being sarcastic code for “you’re sooooo tolerant and nice based on what I read on your blog.” If you ARE […]