Husband Bought Son’s “Birthday” Cake

We’re having a sleepover for my son’s party–it’ll be much less expensive than the hosted party at a party place or even Chuck E. Cheese…Plus, all of his friends have had one, and my son is just dying to have one. I will be here by myself of course with a house full of boys […]

Top 10 Bizarre Husband Quotes

My husband, the kind, handsome, wonderful man he is, definitely marches to the beat of a different drummer. A very different drummer. A drummer who can be annoying at times due to being so unaware of and forgetful of obvious things, yet still feel thoroughly convinced that he knows so much about everything. Especially health, […]

Critical Update: Electronics Gift

Okay, there may be an update on a birthday gift for me from my husband. (Disregard completely the fact that my birthday passed two days ago already. Also disregard that my husband still most likely would be a year off if he tried to tell you my age. Finally, pay no mind that I think […]

Update: Husband Got Me a “Birthday Gift”

I need to get this out and move along before it makes me really mad. We had friends over for my birthday yesterday. While I cooked beforehand, my husband took the boys out to the toystore. I asked him to buy a cake. (Must mention the husband “cake problem”–he likes wierd cakes, I like normal […]

Told My Husband It’s My Birthday: He Was So Surprised

Okay, I am becoming very confused. First, I was sure my husband was spying on my blog. Then I couldn’t take it anymore and asked him to read it (but he was too tired, even though I said “please read it, I make fun of you in it.”) Then I think he DID read it. […]

Quiz for Husband: Whose Birthday Is In 4 Days?

I used to be a teacher. (But now write school books…and blogs.) So, I know strategies on making quizzes easy, challenging, or whatever the occasion calls for. For fun, I’m going to give my husband this quiz (which he will totally blow off) : 1) How many days from now is my birthday? (Hint: see […]

No Gift Is Good Enough

Happy Easter, everyone! I’m thinking a lot about how lucky I am today–the blessings and gifts I have. Let me warn you though, when I post about the topics of my husband + gifts, it’s going to get a little annoying. As much as I LOVE buying and giving gifts, I must admit that buying […]

Slick Way to Get BEST Birthday Present

Getting a birthday present from my husband used to be quite a challenge. Actually, getting a gift for any occasion from him is pretty much impossible (for me, for other people, easier). Honestly speaking, I don’t think my husband knows the exact year of my age. (He would guess close to my age, but I’m […]