People Are Being REALLY Nice To Me!

What in the world? It seems like everyone is being so super nice to me–I mean, people are generally pretty nice and all, but goodness…how lucky I feel. The niceness is SO plentiful this week that it has overwhelmed me enough EVEN to motivate me to write a blog post about it. Are people catching […]

Help Husband When Shopping

  Help husband. Help husband quickly, especially when he tries to go shopping. Funny–I was JUST about to write a post about how much fun we had last weekend! He acted SO NORMAL. He did normal things! He didn’t dress normally, but that’s to be expected. He wore a beige fleece sweatshirt with these really […]

Dooce Is Pregnant?

Dooce is pregnant! Heather Armstrong is pregnant! I am kind of behind the times, so I didn’t know anything about Heather Armstrong (aka “Dooce”) till several months ago. But as I said, it appears that she’s pregnant (again)! Wow. Why am I so excited? Because pregnancy recently earned me this precious little guy🙂 Assuming you […]

Cord Blood Coupon Code

This photo is our 3rd baby. Newborns are so irresistable! We saved hundreds of dollars when we banked his cord blood. If this is something you want to do, save $250 with coupon code M4125 through Cord Blood Registry (CBR). We really wanted to store his stem cells. We didn’t with our first son in […]

Bye Bye Husband

Darn. My husband left for his out of town job yesterday. I miss him already. It’s times like this when you realize how important family is and why you need them close. Well, at least the city is kind of close. I just realized how we got along splendidly during this recent 2 months of […]

Husband and Me: Both Unemployed for Long Time

My husband and I have both been unemployed for two whole months! And I am here to say that our family is very, very, very, (I could repeat the word “very” 100 more times) lucky. First, the unemployment began right when our third child was born. Oh! Ha ha! I just realized that this sounded […]

Bravest (or Dumbest) Thing I’ve Ever Done

I’ve been feeling like a big cowardly chicken lately (not sure why, and it’s annoying me a lot). So, I’m kind of happy that today, I did something BRAVE. I was late and in a TOTAL hurry to get to church this morning with the kids. So we were in this MAD RUSH to get […]

FINALLY: Had a Dream about Luke Wilson!!!

What a joyful morning. I had a dream about Luke Wilson last night. In case you don’t know him, he is a great actor! And very, very laugh-aloud funny. And, as you can see from the above photo, he’s TOTALLY good-looking. Don’t confuse him with his slighly more famous older brother Owen, who may even […]

Hot Dads

This was a somewhat traumatic day. First day of the new school year. My poor son was soooo nervous. When he gets nervous about things, he sometimes has nightmares. So last night he kept saying “Boy I’m nervous. I hope I don’t have a nightmare.” We talked about it, and I kept trying to get […]

Sorry Absent So Long…But What a Beautiful Reason!!!

I haven’t written in 10 days. Bad girl. Well, I can’t be that bad. Look at my reason for not writing: He was born on Thursday. Not only is he the cutest little treasure I’ve ever seen, but his little newborn sighs, his sweet little baby scent, and his soft-as-rose petals skin…He is truly a […]