A Few Thoughts about Steven Tyler

Oh dear. I just watched Steven Tyler singing the National Anthem. And by “singing,” I mean…well, I mean singing, if you will. It’s right here for anyone who who’s in the mood to feel REALLY tense and worried before a few select song lines. Then to roll your eyes and feel kind of weird after […]

Husband Tried to Bring Home Laundry…And Failed

My husband is working out of town still. So, he came home last weekend. Of course, we were all ecstatic! It was so nice to see him. And oo la la, he’s been working out. He was Trim Husband. Sharp Sexy Jawline Husband. I love it when that happens. But even on his hottest days, […]

What NOT to Wear to a Job Interview

I thought after almost 10 years of marriage, it’d be hard to surprise me. But I was wrong. For my husband, surprising or shocking me is a cinch. And he doesn’t even try. He just puts on an outfit, for example, and I sit there shocked and dumbfounded. Take this little get up for instance. […]

Bravest (or Dumbest) Thing I’ve Ever Done

I’ve been feeling like a big cowardly chicken lately (not sure why, and it’s annoying me a lot). So, I’m kind of happy that today, I did something BRAVE. I was late and in a TOTAL hurry to get to church this morning with the kids. So we were in this MAD RUSH to get […]

White Spot on Pants Butt–Husband Unphased

I am thrilled that my husband is finally wearing summer clothes–he hasn’t worn a T-shirt for 9 years of marriage (until this summer, per previous postings). Now he wears T-shirts all the time. Well, he wears ONE T-shirt all the time, despite having purchased oh, 10 or 15 new T-shirts for himself over the past […]

I Am Wearing My Husband’s Underwear

I am wearing my husband’s underwear today. I hope that’s ok with everyone. No, I’m not talking boxers–which I don’t wear, but which really wouldn’t warrant a post on a blog–well, unless the boxers had pictures of naked girls on them or something. I’m talking standard Hanes briefs. (Not the small briefs, as I wouldn’t […]

Husband Wore Summer Clothing in Summer: Can’t Believe

I think I’ve mentioned before that my husband refuses to wear summer clothing. Not in the 90 degree heat in Los Angeles in June. Not in the 90 degree heat and 90% humidity in Northern Virginia in July. Nope. In the middle of June in the blistering Los Angeles heat (well, not now, but usually), […]

Funniest Spam Ever

You know the spam comments blogs get sometimes? I usually only get spam about insurance, poker, and mortgage loans. I’ve been hoping for more varied spam comments for a while now. Finally, tonight my dream came true. I got the funniest spam comment ever! It was posted as a comment following my post on the […]

Guest Story: “Black Tie Optional” Is Not An Opinion

Sara’s boyfriend went to a dinner party that was “black tie optional.” Sara couldn’t go with him. This little lucky twist saved her mucho public embarrassment. Guys: PAUSE FOR QUICK QUIZ! 1) “Black tie optional” means _____: A. The same as “tie optional”–wear a tie, or don’t. B. Wear a tie, but it doesn’t have […]

Imitation of Husband When Sick

I‘d like to share a little about my husband’s behavior while he’s sick. First, he believes you MUST be extremely warm to heal from a cold. Therefore he wears a beanie at all times while sick. That’s correct. This includes during summer, in public, and while he sleeps. He pulls it way down over his […]