My Job=Net Loss of Only $300 Per Month!

I just wanted to let everyone know how much I love my job! I love it enough to keep it despite that it results in a net loss of $300 per month after childcare has been paid! Yay!!! I have learned so much, and people still IM instead of talking there. It’s completely silent except […]

Actor’s Strike at Hand…Got a New Job Right In Time:)

What crazy times we’re in! Being a huge news junky, and somewhat pessimistic conspiracy-theory follower, I decided that the Greater Depression is indeed at hand and it’s time to insulate my family. I TOTALLY GOT A JOB.  And I’m soooo excited about it. But I must admit, it’s going to be odd to work around […]

Husband Tried to Bring Home Laundry…And Failed

My husband is working out of town still. So, he came home last weekend. Of course, we were all ecstatic! It was so nice to see him. And oo la la, he’s been working out. He was Trim Husband. Sharp Sexy Jawline Husband. I love it when that happens. But even on his hottest days, […]

Cord Blood Coupon Code

This photo is our 3rd baby. Newborns are so irresistable! We saved hundreds of dollars when we banked his cord blood. If this is something you want to do, save $250 with coupon code M4125 through Cord Blood Registry (CBR). We really wanted to store his stem cells. We didn’t with our first son in […]

Financial Quandry…Caused By MY Pea Brain

There’s a post on this blog somewhere when I made fun of my husband’s financial know-how. Well, I’m going to have to take that all back now because of something very sketchy I did. If you have said or done something dumb lately, or need a boost in confidence for whatever reason, I’M WRITING THIS […]

Husband Goes to the Grocery Store = Problems

This is going to be short, though I could easily write eight pages on this topic. As some of you may know from prior posts, my husband does NO housework. Not even the “man” stuff like mowing (well, he has done that twice in the year we’ve had a lawn–and each instance resulted in daylong […]

Fellow Human Has No Cell Phone (Like Me!)

I was so thrilled to read Mathew Baldwin’s recent post on Defective Yeti (hilarious and interesting blog, might I add–do check out his stories about his wife, whom he calls the Queen, especially the story called “Beaurocracy“). But back to my original point. This writer, tech guy, dad, and husband seems QUITE WITH IT. So […]

Car Window Broken By Theives (OK Cause Hot Men Saved Me)

Last night, I FINALLY accomplished my 3-month goal of getting into bed around 11:30 pm. This was a HUGE feat and took me many weeks. I gradually had to work my way down from somewhere around 2:00 am (and I may be lying to not tell you how late I was really staying up, but […]

3D Jobs and Animation Work

I just had a random memory of a conversation my husband and I had about 10 years ago. We’d been dating maybe 3 months. At that time, my husband was a 2D animator. Those are the artists who draw cartoons like Sponge Bob, the Simpsons, and so on. Never gave a thought to 3d jobs–that […]

Flashback: Funny Ideas I Had About Marriage

Ha ha! I’m cracking myself up. I had a flashback on several assumptions I used to make about marriage. I wasn’t even one of those “I’ll find my knight and white castle” type girls. I was more one of those “please don’t let my husband turn out to be an undercover drug addict/criminal/person with 10 […]