About My Aunt Kay..Who Looks Like Eric Clapton

My Aunt Kay used to be glamorous and beautiful. Now, she is still extremely beautiful on the inside, but on the outside, she looks exactly like Eric Clapton. See the photo of Eric Clapton above? She looks exactly like that. Except that she wears dark maroon lipstick. (Also, in case you’ve never noticed, Eric Clapton […]

Flashback: Lonely Times…and Festivals

I had the most interesting flashback this morning while taking my morning walk. I stopped off to get a free city paper, and while still walking, I opened it up to see if there’s a nice, juicy classifieds section. (I’m not looking for anything–I just love classifieds.) Flashback to the year 1997. I was sitting […]

Life Strategy My Husband Taught Me

As I’ve mentioned, the top reason I wanted to marry my husband was because he was kind and steadfast through and through. And those qualities have gotten us through near-divorces caused by OTHER qualities he has (and that I have, of course). In our first three or four years of marriage, I kept learning about […]

The Time(S) My Husband Failed His Driving Test

Ha ha! The title of this post is actually understating it. It should be called the ENDLESS NUMBER OF TIMES my husband failed his driving test. He and I got our driver’s licenses and our first car ever together shortly after getting married. Looking back, I can’t believe our relationship lasted beyond the driver’s license […]

12 Stages of Marriage–Watch Out for Stage 3: Power Struggle!!!

I strongly recommend that any and all married people read this article called “The Stages of Marriage” at AgeAndHealth.com. The 12 stages of marriage are outlined by Michael Gurian. Notice that this was written in 2005. It’s still worth reading! This man’s book helped me through a very difficult time in my marriage. It was […]

Husband + Hot Dogs = No More Smoking

Years ago, I was a chain smoker with no hope of ever quitting. I was otherwise normal and in good health–I ate right, exercised, all that good stuff. Looked darn cute–sorry, I think the 10 years ago factor gives me bragging rights at this time, does it not? But I had a habit of smoking […]

Flashback: Funny Ideas I Had About Marriage

Ha ha! I’m cracking myself up. I had a flashback on several assumptions I used to make about marriage. I wasn’t even one of those “I’ll find my knight and white castle” type girls. I was more one of those “please don’t let my husband turn out to be an undercover drug addict/criminal/person with 10 […]

Once My Mother-in-law “Told Me Off”

Not to have a competition for whose mother-in-law is the meanest, strangest, or craziest, but let me know if this could make me the clear winner nevertheless. (I’ve never won anything–so I’m hoping this might change all that.) My mother-in-law is from a different country. That country is very mountainous and therefore quite closed off […]

The Judge Who Fixed My Husband’s Driving

Does your guy seem to get a lot of traffic tickets? For example, does he get traffic tickets that make your car insurance twice that of any other person you know? I would LOVE to tell you exactly how much we pay in auto insurance per year, but I have to pretend like I don’t […]

Guy Readers Have Employment Questions

Hi! I have gotten some very interesting emails this week. My personal favorites are the ones where guys are asking about my husband’s job. Nothing about girls or marriage. No, no. Just questions about jobs and money. Alrighty. I love talking about jobs. In fact, I have the very odd hobby of job searching. I […]