Ways Obama and McCain would be Irritating Husbands

For some reason, I decided to take a few moments to contemplate ways Barack Obama and John McCain would irritate me if I were married to them. Don’t worry–I am perfectly aware that their standards far surpass anything I would have to offer them–but this blog is about making fun of husbands, not myself (plenty […]

Husband Tried to Bring Home Laundry…And Failed

My husband is working out of town still. So, he came home last weekend. Of course, we were all ecstatic! It was so nice to see him. And oo la la, he’s been working out. He was Trim Husband. Sharp Sexy Jawline Husband. I love it when that happens. But even on his hottest days, […]

Husband Gas Has Silver Lining

What an interesting article I found this morning! The title is, The Stink in Farts Controls Blood Pressure. (May I add that this article is from Live Science, and NOT a humor magazine–therefore, it’s all true despite that it also happens to be funny). Surprising fact: My husband doesn’t pass gas in the presence of […]

Husband Calls Every Night:)

Very sweet. My husband calls us every night when he works out of town. That is extremely UNcharacteristic of him, yet he’s always done this when he goes out of town. Even when he worked in Canada for four months, he found a way to call us almost every day (without spending a ton of […]

My Kitchen is a Freak Show

Hi. My husband has turned our kitchen into a total FREAK SHOW.  It’s getting worse each day. I can no longer really even address it, because I’m trying to pretend it isn’t there. It’s too stressful to handle. The only thing that makes me feel calmer is to just stay the h*@# out of that […]

Life Strategy My Husband Taught Me

As I’ve mentioned, the top reason I wanted to marry my husband was because he was kind and steadfast through and through. And those qualities have gotten us through near-divorces caused by OTHER qualities he has (and that I have, of course). In our first three or four years of marriage, I kept learning about […]

Husband Finally Does Yardwork…Creates Problems

This happened a few weeks ago. I have one visual symbol that I feel effectively communicates what I had to deal with that day, and it is posted above. These scissors are MY FAVORITE kitchen scissors. Oh, sorry, they WERE my favorite kitchen scissors. As you can see, however, something happened to them. Guess what […]

The Time(S) My Husband Failed His Driving Test

Ha ha! The title of this post is actually understating it. It should be called the ENDLESS NUMBER OF TIMES my husband failed his driving test. He and I got our driver’s licenses and our first car ever together shortly after getting married. Looking back, I can’t believe our relationship lasted beyond the driver’s license […]

Absence Makes the Heart Grow So Fond…

Hi, I hope all is well. We are having such a nice time–me and the boys that is. My husband is still working out of town. How hard it must be for military wives. Or wives who lose their husbands unexpectedly. I usually like to (attempt to) be humorous, but I’m kind of in a […]

White Spot on Pants Butt–Husband Unphased

I am thrilled that my husband is finally wearing summer clothes–he hasn’t worn a T-shirt for 9 years of marriage (until this summer, per previous postings). Now he wears T-shirts all the time. Well, he wears ONE T-shirt all the time, despite having purchased oh, 10 or 15 new T-shirts for himself over the past […]