People Are Being REALLY Nice To Me!

What in the world? It seems like everyone is being so super nice to me–I mean, people are generally pretty nice and all, but goodness…how lucky I feel. The niceness is SO plentiful this week that it has overwhelmed me enough EVEN to motivate me to write a blog post about it. Are people catching […]

Help Husband When Shopping

  Help husband. Help husband quickly, especially when he tries to go shopping. Funny–I was JUST about to write a post about how much fun we had last weekend! He acted SO NORMAL. He did normal things! He didn’t dress normally, but that’s to be expected. He wore a beige fleece sweatshirt with these really […]

Husband Help With Flowers

See this photo. Does it look a little ODD? Can you even guess what the purple and yellow stuff in the vase is? (Well, probably, due to the title of this post). This is a photo of flowers. Some of you may be thinking “AWWW, Holly’s husband got her flowers, and she’s being all picky […]

Husband Finally Does Yardwork…Creates Problems

This happened a few weeks ago. I have one visual symbol that I feel effectively communicates what I had to deal with that day, and it is posted above. These scissors are MY FAVORITE kitchen scissors. Oh, sorry, they WERE my favorite kitchen scissors. As you can see, however, something happened to them. Guess what […]

Sorry Absent So Long…But What a Beautiful Reason!!!

I haven’t written in 10 days. Bad girl. Well, I can’t be that bad. Look at my reason for not writing: He was born on Thursday. Not only is he the cutest little treasure I’ve ever seen, but his little newborn sighs, his sweet little baby scent, and his soft-as-rose petals skin…He is truly a […]

Guest Story: Husband Heroic? Not Exactly…

Good story I can TOTALLY relate to. Why is it that husbands INSIST on being a hero for the coworker, the stranger, the plumber, whomever else…but not the wifey. And my VERY favorite is when the husband’s “heroism” is not even very helpful to anyone, PLUS creates problems for his wife and family. Prime example: […]

Tie Shelves Together With Cords? But Why?

I have been really freaking out about getting shelves put into our storage closet. Currently everything is piled up in these horrible piles…I have to get organized for the baby. (Please let this somehow happen before the baby is born.) I wanted my husband to help get shelves and put them in the closet, but […]

My Hideous Patio Furniture Makes Me SAD

So, what happens after I mow the lawn on Sunday? My husband made the situation about 80 times more volatile by purchasing and assembling the patio furniture he’s been dreaming of. Why didn’t I accompany him to the store??? This is a question that might haunt me for the rest of my life. First of […]

Almost Got Divorced On Sunday

Last weekend was the first weekend we got to see my husband in over a month! And, ironically, the weekend was HORRIBLE. Saturday was pretty uneventful. My husband slept till 3pm, which was extremely irritating, but I was able to do my work without his help, got it all done, and moved onto Sunday. Sunday […]

Wouldn’t You Be Proud of This Shelf?

Sunday we invited my husband’s friends over–two couples. Both, like us, somewhat new to the Los Angeles area. I fixed a HUGE spread. No joke–8 dishes. Intricate foods. And it was all good. Even King Picky Himself (my husband) complimented the food 3 times. I couldn’t believe it. So–you see all the work I put […]