Husband Help With Flowers

See this photo. Does it look a little ODD? Can you even guess what the purple and yellow stuff in the vase is? (Well, probably, due to the title of this post). This is a photo of flowers. Some of you may be thinking “AWWW, Holly’s husband got her flowers, and she’s being all picky […]

When My Dad Acts Like My Husband

The two most fascinating men I know are my father and my husband. By definition, of course, fascinating includes the concepts of odd and puzzling on some level. Or all levels. Yesterday I called to ask my stepmom a question. So, my Dad answers the phone. I was kind of in a hurry, so I […]

Weekend Is Here…Husband Can’t Make Plans Yet

It’s 1:30am on Friday night. I waited all day for my husband to tell me whether he has to work tomorrow. And Monday. (I can’t make weekend plans without this info.) He has to do stuff for a trailer being released in a week or two, so his schedule is crazy again, but not for […]