My Husband Took Our Son to Kindergarten…Big Mistake

I have set a non-blogging record. I think it has been over a month since I’ve posted. Oh, life is crazy! But fun and good. I’m trying new things—-quite ambitious things. So ambitious, in fact, that I’m embarrassed to tell you what they are.  BUT I will definitely let you know if I succeed. If […]

Nintendo DSi Bundle for “My” Birthday?

I want a Nintendo DSi bundle for my birthday. Last year my husband got “me” one of those video cameras you can use to quickly upload videos onto YouTube. (Actually that was for himself, and he didn’t try very hard to hide it, but I also use it, so I don’t care.) He’s not using […]

Husband Help With Flowers

See this photo. Does it look a little ODD? Can you even guess what the purple and yellow stuff in the vase is? (Well, probably, due to the title of this post). This is a photo of flowers. Some of you may be thinking “AWWW, Holly’s husband got her flowers, and she’s being all picky […]

Husband Tried to Bring Home Laundry…And Failed

My husband is working out of town still. So, he came home last weekend. Of course, we were all ecstatic! It was so nice to see him. And oo la la, he’s been working out. He was Trim Husband. Sharp Sexy Jawline Husband. I love it when that happens. But even on his hottest days, […]

My Kitchen is a Freak Show

Hi. My husband has turned our kitchen into a total FREAK SHOW.  It’s getting worse each day. I can no longer really even address it, because I’m trying to pretend it isn’t there. It’s too stressful to handle. The only thing that makes me feel calmer is to just stay the h*@# out of that […]

Husband Finally Does Yardwork…Creates Problems

This happened a few weeks ago. I have one visual symbol that I feel effectively communicates what I had to deal with that day, and it is posted above. These scissors are MY FAVORITE kitchen scissors. Oh, sorry, they WERE my favorite kitchen scissors. As you can see, however, something happened to them. Guess what […]

He Asks, “When Will Shelves Arrive?”…Um 4 Days Ago

I keep meaning to write a post about men and vision. Did you know that studies have shown that men REALLY don’t have eyes for certain types of details? If I weren’t in such a panic over this project I have to send in by Friday, I’d research it right now and link you to […]

Have Entered Twighlight Zone: Husband COOKED

Hm. I’m feeling very puzzled and confused. But kind of on a love-my-husband high at the same time. I have very vague memories of my husband’s awesome cooking skills from about 10 years ago during our dating phase. My husband is such a great cook–or should I say “was.” Is cooking like riding a bycicle, […]

My Hideous Patio Furniture Makes Me SAD

So, what happens after I mow the lawn on Sunday? My husband made the situation about 80 times more volatile by purchasing and assembling the patio furniture he’s been dreaming of. Why didn’t I accompany him to the store??? This is a question that might haunt me for the rest of my life. First of […]

Almost Got Divorced On Sunday

Last weekend was the first weekend we got to see my husband in over a month! And, ironically, the weekend was HORRIBLE. Saturday was pretty uneventful. My husband slept till 3pm, which was extremely irritating, but I was able to do my work without his help, got it all done, and moved onto Sunday. Sunday […]