Husband Gas Has Silver Lining

What an interesting article I found this morning! The title is, The Stink in Farts Controls Blood Pressure. (May I add that this article is from Live Science, and NOT a humor magazine–therefore, it’s all true despite that it also happens to be funny). Surprising fact: My husband doesn’t pass gas in the presence of […]

Imitation of Husband When Sick

I‘d like to share a little about my husband’s behavior while he’s sick. First, he believes you MUST be extremely warm to heal from a cold. Therefore he wears a beanie at all times while sick. That’s correct. This includes during summer, in public, and while he sleeps. He pulls it way down over his […]

Wake to Husband Using Plunger in Bathroom Sink

What a nice way to start the day. Our bathroom sink has been stopped up for three days. A plumber visited and will visit again today. Luckily, the water drains out, but it takes a really long time. (So, at least we don’t have a sink full of dirty water as we wait for the […]

The Time My Husband “Cut” Our Son’s “Hair”

This might scare you a lot. If it does, imagine how I felt as the mother of this poor boy. (Let me mention beforehand that throughout the month following this “haircut,” my son didn’t know anything was wrong because everyone around him was EXTREMELY nice and attentive. It was a pity thing. They thought my […]

Proof That My Husband Is Psychic (or Mean)

There is a disturbingly uncanny phenomenon that happens in our home about once every 4-6 weeks. I clean the bathroom big-time about once each month. (YES, that’s rare. SORRY. But that isn’t the disturbing part.) I’m talking about the Ajax comes out, tub gets scrubbed, floor and baseboards–it all gets a major overhaul. It takes […]

Common Men Misconceptions On Clothing and Hygeine

Is this not true: during long-term relationships and marriage, men basically maintain the same ideas they always had, except they become more and more convinced of them. Sometimes, this becomes a downhill spiral, and misconceptions can spin totally out of control. For my male readers, I’m going to outline some critical misconceptions. Note to guys: […]

My Husband Kind Of Resembles Grizzly Adams

Hi. Being that it’s Easter Weekend, my husband is spending many hours at home. This means, I can’t post as freely as I usually can. Darn it. And it also means that topics to write and complain about are piling up (though I will not be able to vent about them until Monday…) SO quickly, […]

Attention Men: Groomed=Hot, Ungroomed=Not Hot

I have mentioned in previous posts, my husband is naturally handsome. It’s one of the main reasons I wanted to date him. Also, he knows 3 languages and he’s really, really kind. The problem is that he often sabotages his his good looks. Let’s look at an example. Does your guy ever do this? I […]

Wrinkled Brown Pants Update (Husband Spy?)

I think my husband might be spying on me! The day after I posted the photo of his brown wrinkled pants (below), he put them in the laundry basket. Now, perhaps that doesn’t seem like a huge coincidence right off the bat. But he has outright refused to let me (yes, as in ALLOW ME) […]

Pants Need Urgent Attention

Alright, this one’s a doozy. These are my husband’s favorite pants. Can you tell? They are (as in WERE) good, quality pants–Levi’s, you know, not the type you’d expect to wrinkle like aluminum foil. But the problem doesn’t lie in the fabric. No, the problem is my husband’s firm belief that pants can be worn […]