My Job=Net Loss of Only $300 Per Month!

I just wanted to let everyone know how much I love my job! I love it enough to keep it despite that it results in a net loss of $300 per month after childcare has been paid! Yay!!! I have learned so much, and people still IM instead of talking there. It’s completely silent except […]

If You Think Your Life Is Hard…

Hollywood workers are seeing some hard times. The effect of the writer’s strike, gas prices, and the age old problem of Los Angeles area rents and mortgages are making it hard for locals–even those who have achieved their aspirations of securing cushy positions in the industry. While movies don’t pay the rent, they can sure […]

Husband and Me: Both Unemployed for Long Time

My husband and I have both been unemployed for two whole months! And I am here to say that our family is very, very, very, (I could repeat the word “very” 100 more times) lucky. First, the unemployment began right when our third child was born. Oh! Ha ha! I just realized that this sounded […]

Husband Came Home at 4:45am…Perhaps Should Set Limits?

I had a VERY odd night! FIRST I went to bed at 10:00pm. My friends who read this blog just fainted. I have a big problem with staying up late till 1am or lately even later. But I’ve been working on it. BOOM. Progress. But then I woke up at 4:00 am. Man, is this […]

Top 10 Bizarre Husband Quotes

My husband, the kind, handsome, wonderful man he is, definitely marches to the beat of a different drummer. A very different drummer. A drummer who can be annoying at times due to being so unaware of and forgetful of obvious things, yet still feel thoroughly convinced that he knows so much about everything. Especially health, […]

The Judge Who Fixed My Husband’s Driving

Does your guy seem to get a lot of traffic tickets? For example, does he get traffic tickets that make your car insurance twice that of any other person you know? I would LOVE to tell you exactly how much we pay in auto insurance per year, but I have to pretend like I don’t […]

Guy Readers Have Employment Questions

Hi! I have gotten some very interesting emails this week. My personal favorites are the ones where guys are asking about my husband’s job. Nothing about girls or marriage. No, no. Just questions about jobs and money. Alrighty. I love talking about jobs. In fact, I have the very odd hobby of job searching. I […]

Husband’s Current Project Looks…Different

My husband’s working on the movie “Hancock.” This project is keeping him till the wee hours of morning every night, so I finally got really curious and checked out the trailer. (As you know, I get annoyed about many things my husband does, but NEVER his work hours. That happens when you start out being […]

Is Your Guy Unemployed? Point Him Right Here.

Oh my gosh. I just saw through the news that 22,000 more people are jobless. It’s so hard when the husband/live-in beau has no job. (But fun when I don’t have one…sorry if that sounds catty, but I have earned the right to say it. Also, I currently do have a job, actually 3 of […]

Husband Did Two Complex Things (I’m Scared)

I am sitting in a state of bewilderment. My husband accomplished two very difficult tasks this week. All by himself. And he did them quickly. More quickly than I was able to. This scares me, and I am not trying to be funny. It also kind of makes me envious of his “get it done” […]