Absence Makes the Heart Grow So Fond…

Hi, I hope all is well. We are having such a nice time–me and the boys that is. My husband is still working out of town. How hard it must be for military wives. Or wives who lose their husbands unexpectedly. I usually like to (attempt to) be humorous, but I’m kind of in a […]

Boy or Girl: Don’t Ask My Husband

This man never ceases to amaze me. I say this STILL experiencing husband attention and favors and politeness almost equal to our dating phase. I’m getting lots of special treatment from my husband, above and beyond the norm. We’re talking car doors getting opened for me and stuff. I’m totally happy about this. Anyway, today, […]

Husband Asks Puzzling Question

I hope that title doesn’t sound too mean. My husband is being so nice, it’s almost like we’re in the dating phase again. I’m really surprised and very, very, very happy with things–so much attention, so much approval, so much togetherness! But we had a very amusing dialog today, and I can’t resist sharing it. […]

Bill Murray: More Than Meets the Eye

I was very shocked when I read that Bill Murray is getting divorced. Actually, I never really knew he was married, though I would have assumed it if asked. But, my first thought was “Who would divorce Bill Murray? He’s SO FUNNY.” Of course, that was a dumb reaction. I realize that marriage is based […]

On a Serious Note…A Love Note, If You Will…

[UPDATE: I was so positive readers would blow off this link to this love story–I BARELY posted the link. But you shock–more people clicked on this thing than Funny Quotes! The Funny Quotes page drives searches for marriage humor to this blog…Hm. What an interesting surprise. So really, we all just want a love story […]

I’m Pretty Much Awash in Tears

Ha ha. That’s not true. I never cry. Maybe I should put some effort into learning to tap into my emotions and let them all pour out. Mmmm, sounds too depressing. OH, but why did I say I’m awash in tears? I meant I’m awash in mental tears. (HA HA. Did you catch that well-placed […]

Best Husband in the World

I have the best husband in the world. I take back all of the times I have been annoyed with him. He’s the hottest, nicest man in the world. I am so lucky. Today, there was a fiasco he handled like a real man. I am not sure I’ve mentioned how even-tempered, iron-willed, and steady […]

My "New" Computer (from Husband)

Well, I must admit, I sure have missed my husband this week. He’s living in our new place in Northern California, and we are following him there soon. Because this blog was created solely for the purpose of me to complain about annoying habits, I don’t often mention how handsome and unbelievably sweet my husband […]

My Secret Daughter

Despite his frequent displays of annoying behavior, I would never, ever cheat on my husband. I don’t approve of or wnat this to happen, but I have occasionally felt attracted to guys, including one named Salvador. It was the kind of thing where you are attracted to someone, and therefore you stay as far away […]