A Few Thoughts about Steven Tyler

Oh dear. I just watched Steven Tyler singing the National Anthem. And by “singing,” I mean…well, I mean singing, if you will. It’s right here for anyone who who’s in the mood to feel REALLY tense and worried before a few select song lines. Then to roll your eyes and feel kind of weird after […]

Remember Iko Iko?

Remember this song? (This is the Iko Iko music video–the version of the song from the movie RainMan). How in the WORLD did I forget how sassy and sexy this video is? The lady pictured above is the singer from Belle Stars. I love this video–good scenes from RainMan, plus it’s a great version of […]

My Husband Gets Asked for “His” Autograph

We have recently learned that my husband has a celebrity twin.  I can’t tell you who the celebrity is, or I will give away my husband’s identity–because they actually truly identical–face, height, build, everything. It’s quite uncanny. If they stood side by side, people could think they were twins. I am not exaggerating. (I wish […]

Shirtless Obama and Putin: The Matrix Versus Crocodile Dundee

It’s ON, baby. Let’s compare the photos of Barack Obama and Vladimir Putin shirtless. Here are my immediate thoughts: What I would say to Obama about this photo (if I could): Those sunglasses give you an edge. They make you look like the evil guys in the Matrix. I like it a lot. Nice swim […]

About Angelina Jolie Kids and My Dream

Shall I acquaint you with the Angelina Jolie kids before telling you about the odd dream I had? I suppose that would be best–lest things get confusing. (This would be a fun topic for my husband to review, seeing as how he didn’t even know who she WAS until I TOLD him. And he did […]

Ways Obama and McCain would be Irritating Husbands

For some reason, I decided to take a few moments to contemplate ways Barack Obama and John McCain would irritate me if I were married to them. Don’t worry–I am perfectly aware that their standards far surpass anything I would have to offer them–but this blog is about making fun of husbands, not myself (plenty […]

Dooce Is Pregnant?

Dooce is pregnant! Heather Armstrong is pregnant! I am kind of behind the times, so I didn’t know anything about Heather Armstrong (aka “Dooce”) till several months ago. But as I said, it appears that she’s pregnant (again)! Wow. Why am I so excited? Because pregnancy recently earned me this precious little guy🙂 Assuming you […]

If You Think Your Life Is Hard…

Hollywood workers are seeing some hard times. The effect of the writer’s strike, gas prices, and the age old problem of Los Angeles area rents and mortgages are making it hard for locals–even those who have achieved their aspirations of securing cushy positions in the industry. While movies don’t pay the rent, they can sure […]

FINALLY: Had a Dream about Luke Wilson!!!

What a joyful morning. I had a dream about Luke Wilson last night. In case you don’t know him, he is a great actor! And very, very laugh-aloud funny. And, as you can see from the above photo, he’s TOTALLY good-looking. Don’t confuse him with his slighly more famous older brother Owen, who may even […]

Many Hot Dads (Including My Husband)

My husband came home for a day while on his job out of town (for one day). It’s wonderful to see him. And absence is so good for the heart, as well as the eyes. He is looking cuter than ever! Of course, this follows a 2 week absence. So, at this point, in my […]