Ways Obama and McCain would be Irritating Husbands

For some reason, I decided to take a few moments to contemplate ways Barack Obama and John McCain would irritate me if I were married to them. Don’t worry–I am perfectly aware that their standards far surpass anything I would have to offer them–but this blog is about making fun of husbands, not myself (plenty […]

Life Strategy My Husband Taught Me

As I’ve mentioned, the top reason I wanted to marry my husband was because he was kind and steadfast through and through. And those qualities have gotten us through near-divorces caused by OTHER qualities he has (and that I have, of course). In our first three or four years of marriage, I kept learning about […]

Husband Told FUNNY Joke!

My husband told a funny joke this morning. To regular readers of this site, you know this is a rare occasion. To new readers, I do realize that this sounds kind of mean, but trust me, it’s not mean. What’s mean are my husband’s jokes, which are not funny, and which are told at the […]

Men and Women Relax, Hear, and See Differently

I’m looking so forward to this weekend! It will be great to have so much family time, but I am sure my husband and I will get on each other’s nerves. To prepare, I read about men’s brains. This information is taken from the book What Could He Be Thinking? by Michael Gurian. The book […]

Guest Story: “Black Tie Optional” Is Not An Opinion

Sara’s boyfriend went to a dinner party that was “black tie optional.” Sara couldn’t go with him. This little lucky twist saved her mucho public embarrassment. Guys: PAUSE FOR QUICK QUIZ! 1) “Black tie optional” means _____: A. The same as “tie optional”–wear a tie, or don’t. B. Wear a tie, but it doesn’t have […]

Once My Mother-in-law “Told Me Off”

Not to have a competition for whose mother-in-law is the meanest, strangest, or craziest, but let me know if this could make me the clear winner nevertheless. (I’ve never won anything–so I’m hoping this might change all that.) My mother-in-law is from a different country. That country is very mountainous and therefore quite closed off […]

Top 10 Bizarre Husband Quotes

My husband, the kind, handsome, wonderful man he is, definitely marches to the beat of a different drummer. A very different drummer. A drummer who can be annoying at times due to being so unaware of and forgetful of obvious things, yet still feel thoroughly convinced that he knows so much about everything. Especially health, […]

Husband Plans: Emergency Preparedness

When my husband gets involved with planning, a REALLY efficient, inexpensive, easy plan gets turned into something horribly expensive, overwhelming, and extremely difficult to accomplish for numerous reasons. Perfect example: our recent emergency preparedness conversations. My husband actually has some very valid experience. He lived in a country that was turned upside down overnight due […]

Perfect Example of Strange Husband Joke

Many people emailed me about my post on my husband’s odd sense of humor to tell me that I’m not alone. It was nice to learn that other spouses and significant others out there tell bizarre, show-stopper jokes. (By “show-stopper,” I mean, socially all’s going well, then your husband tells a joke, which causes an […]

Great Article Entitled “Clueless Guys Can’t Read Women”

I love these articles that help me learn about the psychology of men, and namely, the psychology of my husband. This article is scientific in nature. It’s on livescience.com–it doesn’t get much more scientific than that. I am positive this article was NOT supposed to be humorous or funny. However, I was laughing aloud as […]