Life as a Single Mom

Wow. I created writer’s block for myself by entitling my post “Life as a Single Mom.” It’s too¬†big a topic for a blog post. I don’t trust myself to do it justice. But I guess I’m qualified to try. After all, I know a lot of single moms. And, I’ve been one since 2011! So, […]

Workplace Phrases That Annoy Me

I have been holding this in for a really long time because I don’t want to offend anyone who says these phrases. But I just can’t withhold this blog entry any longer. I just read one of these phrases, and it brought on this flashback from a prior place of work where one of my […]

Words for the Chicago Bulls (My Boyfriends)

The Chicago Bulls are my imaginary new boyfriends. That’s surprising considering that I never liked sports until 2013. ANY sports. It’s a long story to recount how I transitioned from boredom with sports to my boyfriends being the Chicago Bulls, but basically it started due to my sons’ love of basketball, my taking them to […]

Gift for Valentine’s Day?

What, oh what, should I get myself for Valentine’s Day? For like 13 years, I received no gift–I repeat, NO GIFT–from anyone for Valentine’s Day (including my ex husband, and we were married for 12 years). Wait. I take that back. One year, my father got me a gorgeous bouquet. It was so sweet that […]

Sometimes We Just Need…

Sometimes we just need someone to say, “You can do it!” I am so lucky to have friends who tell me this. I’m not even the type who needs it very often. I enjoy taking risks and trying new things, and failure doesn’t crush me. But every once in a while, something I want to […]

Acceptance and Rejection

I have recent experiences with acceptance and rejection. I’ve also had recent experiences with UFO’s. Ha ha. Sorry, just kidding. Ok, so let’s cover the bad news first. Actually it’s not very bad. It’s just that the other news is better! BUT two rejections occurred in my life, and they irritate me, and I will […]

Security is an Illusion

I have to go to bed in a minute, but I’m going to try to write about this critical topic and cap it at 10 minutes. This will not happen, but instead of staying up late as I usually do, I will stop writing my post and revisit it soon. Deal? Deal. SO, I don’t […]

Fear of Driving…Bye Bye

I have been meaning to write about this for a long time. But it’s been a busy year. SO, we moved to the East Coast last July. We live in a place where we can walk everywhere. Within walking distance are three parks, three grocery stores, a video game store (my boys’ favorite one), at […]

Cute Lifeguard – Goodbye and Hello

Our condo pool is only open in the summer. Last summer there was this really cute lifeguard who worked at the pool. He was from Bulgaria. He had blond hair. He had green eyes. He had a lot of intriguing tattoos on his torso, which was very toned and very tan. The lifeguard is probably […]

People Are Being REALLY Nice To Me!

What in the world? It seems like everyone is being so super nice to me–I mean, people are generally pretty nice and all, but goodness…how lucky I feel. The niceness is SO plentiful this week that it has overwhelmed me enough EVEN to motivate me to write a blog post about it. Are people catching […]