Workplace Phrases That Annoy Me

I have been holding this in for a really long time because I don’t want to offend anyone who says these phrases. But I just can’t withhold this blog entry any longer. I just read one of these phrases, and it brought on this flashback from a prior place of work where one of my […]

Sexy Boss Update

It seems like a good time for a Sexy Boss update. But first, quick recap: I got a new job, and my boss is hot. Also, I’m happily married, so during those rare instances (extremely, extremely rare) when I think a man is hot, I stay far away from him. For this reason, I’m VERY […]

How to Find a Husband

How to find a husband…Or better–how to find the right husband. This was my main question for several years after college. I remember dating. I liked it (okay, loved it), except when I was on a date with a mean guy, charmer type, user, cheapskate, compulsive liar, drug addict, superficial bragger, or another loser…Finding the […]

My Job=Net Loss of Only $300 Per Month!

I just wanted to let everyone know how much I love my job! I love it enough to keep it despite that it results in a net loss of $300 per month after childcare has been paid! Yay!!! I have learned so much, and people still IM instead of talking there. It’s completely silent except […]

Husband Returns + Successful Venture + Hot Coworker

Okay, there’s a lot of news to cover, but I have to somehow do this in 5 minutes. Maximum 10. Despite my total lack of self-discipline, I am determined to be IN BED by 11pm. True that has not happened since I was like 13, but it’s happening tonight if I have to take a […]

Actor’s Strike at Hand…Got a New Job Right In Time:)

What crazy times we’re in! Being a huge news junky, and somewhat pessimistic conspiracy-theory follower, I decided that the Greater Depression is indeed at hand and it’s time to insulate my family. I TOTALLY GOT A JOB.  And I’m soooo excited about it. But I must admit, it’s going to be odd to work around […]

Yeehaw! Husband’s Next Job on Movie “2012”

I’m so excited. My husband lined up his next job, and thank goodness, it will be HERE. Well, kind of. At least technically he’ll be living at home, but most likely he’ll be working 24/7 as usual. He’ll he’ll have to drive all the way through Los Angeles each morning to get there, as this […]

Bye Bye Husband

Darn. My husband left for his out of town job yesterday. I miss him already. It’s times like this when you realize how important family is and why you need them close. Well, at least the city is kind of close. I just realized how we got along splendidly during this recent 2 months of […]

Husband and Me: Both Unemployed for Long Time

My husband and I have both been unemployed for two whole months! And I am here to say that our family is very, very, very, (I could repeat the word “very” 100 more times) lucky. First, the unemployment began right when our third child was born. Oh! Ha ha! I just realized that this sounded […]

SCARY Gifts to Coworkers (from My Husband)

My husband has lived in the US for 12 years. Now, he used to do LOTS of embarrassing, sometimes dangerous, things due to not being from here. For example, has your husband ever WALKED through a drive-thru bank ATM or McDonald’s drive-thru? Mine has. And it freaked people out big-time. Has your husband ever asked […]